Trademark Litigation

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Chapman and Cutler v. Forsyte Corp., ICANN / NAF arbitration no. FA0810001229543: capture of domain from cybersquatter; domain transferred.

Harris N.A. v. First National Mortgage Sources, Inc., 07-CV-1092 (ND IL 2007): trademark infringement, unfair competition in sending misleading letters to mortgage clients of Harris seeking refinancing; TRO entered; settled - injunction.

Chicago Architecture Foundation v. Domain Magic, LLC, 07-CV-764 (ND IL 2007),: trademark infringement, cybersquatting in use of CAF's name as a domain name for Chicago tour and tourism offerings; TRO entered, site down; settled with payment and injunction.

Low Book Sales v. Below Book Motors, Inc., no. 2:07-CV-3 (D. UT 2007): trademark infringement, unfair competition; Prelim. Inj. entered; settled with injunction.

Dreyfus Corporation v. BMO, Harris Trust, no. 02-Civ.-10231 (SD NY 2002): trademark infringement, dilution of Lion image marks; settled (Chicago support).

Afni v. UpSource, Inc., no. 04-1386 (CD IL 2004): priority contest as to ownership of upsource and upsourcing marks for call center outsourcing services; settled.

SyllogisTeks Company v. Syllogistics no. 4:99 CV 1510 DJS (ED Mo. 1999): alleged trademark infringement, dilution in computer staffing and consulting businesses; motion to dismiss or transfer filed; settled.

Low Book Sales v. Below Book Sales, no. 2:99 CV 293K (D Utah 1999): service mark infringement, dilution in auto sales businesses; settled with injunction entered.

Northern Trust v. Northern States Financial Corp, oppositions nos. 113,088 and 114,054 (TTAB 1999): trademark oppositions claiming Northern as mark for financial and banking services; settled.

Ohio Art Co. v. Alan Watts, 49 USPQ2d 1957 (N.D.OH 1998), Electronic Commerce (BNA) 3-28 p.940 (7-22-98): trademark infringement, dilution; Etch A Sketch versus "web-a-sketch" Internet drawing site with archives of past drawings; TRO entered on motion, settled with injunction.

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