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For over 35 years, IP attorney John R. Crossan has specialized in both pursuing and defending against intellectual property law claims. Well experienced in patent and trademark law, his Crossan IP Law firm has served local, national, and international clients and helped them understand how intellectual property law can protect their businesses, and to then take whatever actions are required to take advantage of that protection.

Classified by the legal directory Martindale Hubble with a top, “AV” rating, and by as having a top, 10.0 rating, Attorney Crossan has also been elected an Illinois Leading Lawyer in Intellectual Property Law and an Illinois "Super Lawyer" in Intellectual Property Litigation. His mission is to provide cost-effective, winning representation that is tailored to each client's specific intellectual property needs.

Attorney Crossan recognizes that every client's needs are unique. Keeping each individual client's specific objectives in mind, he uses his vast IP law knowledge and experience to devise an individual strategy to help the client to achieve its or their objectives. If you need legal advice or representation in any of the realms of patents, trademarks copyrights, or other areas of intellectual property or related antitrust law, please contact Attorney Crossan today to get this experienced lawyer on your side.

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Crossan IP Law, LLC

875 N. Michigan Ave., #3216,
Chicago, IL  60611-196.
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Crossan IP Law, LLC is a national law firm specializing in IP law, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights. During his more than 35 years as an intellectual property attorney, John R. Crossan has provided expert representation in the following legal areas:

  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Patent Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Antitrust Law

Areas Served

Attorney Crossan represents clients in state and Federal court, as well as mediation and other dispute resolution services worldwide. His office is in Chicago, IL.

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